Competition to mark 50 years of Trespa innovation:

Trespa rewards visions of the future - and the role of architecture

As the leading producer of innovative and inspirational façade solutions, Trespa International B.V. marked its 50th anniversary with an international competition for Architects. With a long and distinguished history, Trespa Meteon panels are the material of choice for the creation of some of the world’s most outstanding façades. However, rather than look back, Architects were invited to step 50 years into the future – and design a façade, using state-of-the-art Trespa technology.

Entries were received from all over the world, and the professional jury of Architects, Designers and Trespa representatives selected three winning entries (see below). In summing up, the Jury stressed that selecting the best projects out of all the entries had been very difficult: “The broad nature of the assignment led to a great variety in entries. The designs range from very conceptual and far distant in the future to designs that could almost be made today. Some are very concrete ideas and others are far away beacons of innovation. We saw many designs based on the vision that energy efficiency and energy generation will be incorporated in building envelopes. Other designs feature highly interactive or modifiable façade concepts even up to a point where modular façade elements can be used to support a nomadic way of life.”

Speaking on behalf of Trespa International, Frank Smolenaers, Marketing Manager for Trespa said: “It is interesting to see all the different visions of the future and the role architecture will play in this.”


The three winning designs are designs by Rogelio Cano of ADD Architecten in The Netherlands, Jan Keymis of Hippo Architecten in Belgium and Vaillo+Irigaray Architects in Spain

1. Rogelio Cano

ADD Architecten B.V.


The Netherlands

Brief description, provided by Trespa: This design clearly places facades in the future by dealing with the big issues in the long term. The future Trespa panel envisioned here perfectly unites freedom in shape and design with sustainability and even offers the possibility to change its appearance. Being more a foil than a panel the Trespa in this design makes the façade merge fluently with the roof creating one outer skin to cover the museum.

The Jury says:

“We appreciate the level of detail in the design. A good example of this is the extensive description of the organic thin film solar cells that are used in the Trespa panel. We find it very creative and original; the presentation clearly shows the potential of this new kind of Trespa panel and visually explains the design. The story line was well written which created a good example of a winning piece.”

2. Jan Keymis

hippo architecten



Brief description, provided by Trespa:: The future vision proposed in this entry is one of mobility. In the future, houses should be adaptable; when you change, your house changes, when you move, your house moves.

The jury says: “We like how this design neatly fits in this future world because of its modular and flexible, lightweight and transportable character.

The difference between a temporary structure and a durable building fades away. A great way to united both worlds in one design.”

3. Vaillo+Irigaray Architects



Brief description, provided by Trespa: The third winner is a very conceptual design. This is its weakness but at the same time its strength. The concept embedded in the simple presentation is very inspiring and triggers the mind to think of all the new possibilities this would offer.

The Jury says: “The building envelope seen as a skin of the building that suits its environment as if it had naturally evolved into its shape. This Darwinian aspect of “adaptation or extermination” is what we appreciated very much. This idea and the way it is presented brings you back to the basics of why we construct buildings and create architecture. This is a strong future vision on architecture with a clear link to the role Trespa would play in this.”

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Trespa Meteon

Trespa Meteon is a decorative high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) with an integral surface manufactured using Trespa’s unique in-house technology, Electron Beam Curing (EBC). Engineered for façades and other demanding exterior applications, Trespa Meteon’s underlying technology transforms wood-based fibres with thermosetting resins under high pressure and at high temperatures into striking panels that meet the most exacting specifications. With a broad range of colours, finishes and tactile effects, Trespa Meteon brings compelling aesthetic and nearly limitless design possibilities to next-generation architectural claddings.

Trespa International

Trespa International B.V. is a leading innovator in the field of architectural materials, recognised internationally as the premier developer of HPL panels and related building systems. Founded in 1960 and with headquarters in the Netherlands, Trespa manufactures high-performance Trespa Meteon panels for the worldwide market. Trespa’s focus is on product development, combining quality manufacturing technologies with intelligent solutions for architectural applications.

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