Guardian Glass
Guardian Glass, a major business unit of Guardian Industries, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of float, coated and fabricated glass products. At its 25 float plants around the globe, Guardian Glass produces high performance glass for use in exterior (both commercial and residential) and interior architectural applications, as well as transportation and technical products. Guardian glass can be found in homes, offices, cars and some of the world’s most iconic architectural landmarks. The Guardian Glass Science & Technology Center continuously works to create new glass products and solutions using the most advanced technology to help customers see what’s possible®. Visit

Guardian Industries
Guardian Industries, a global company headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, operates facilities throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Guardian companies employs more than 16,000 people and manufacture high-performance float glass; coated and fabricated glass products for architectural, residential, interior, transportation and technical glass applications; and high-quality chrome-plated and painted plastic components for the automotive and commercial truck industries. Guardian’s vision is to be a preferred partner to our customers, suppliers, employees and communities based on a foundation of mutual benefit. This drives our relentless focus on improving people’s lives by providing products and services they value more highly than their alternatives and doing so responsibly while consuming fewer resources. Guardian is a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc. Visit

Guardian Glass Europe
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Press Glass i Guardian Glass wspierają budowę drugiego polskiego Domu Fundacji Ronalda McDonalda

Press Glass i Guardian Glass wspierają budowę drugiego polskiego Domu Fundacji Ronalda McDonalda. Fot: Michał Teperek, Dział Fotomedyczny WUM dla Fundacji Ronalda McDonalda.
(Zdjęcia Guardian Glass, LLC, GRDPR181) Press Glass, czołowy europejski producent szyb, we współpracy z jednym ze swoich globalnych dostawców szkła, firmą Guardian Glass, dołączyli do grona partnerów wspierających budowę „domu, poza domem w czasie choroby dziecka” w Warszawie.

cube berlin: Double skin façade that meets complex aesthetic and technical performance requirements

cube Berlin Project: 3XN A/S.
(Photo Adam Mørk. All rights reserved, GRDPR177) cube berlin is an eye-catching, 11-storey office building located at Washington Platz in the Europacity urban district of Berlin. This 19,000 square-metre structure, developed by CA Immo, is an excellent example of how innovative architectural design can be successfully combined with the complex technical (structural and energy performance) requirements of an ‘intelligent’ commercial building.

Guardian Glass cancels participation in glasstec 2020

In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, and consistent with its focus on the health and safety of its employees and preferred partners, Guardian Glass has decided not to participate at glasstec 2020, scheduled to take place in Dusseldorf, Germany from 20-23 October 2020. The company will instead prioritize a swift and successful resumption of business, as well as the acceleration of its own digital transformation.

Guardian Glass float, coated and laminated glass products attain Bronze level Cradle to Cradle certification in Europe

Guardian Glass float, coated and laminated glass products attain Bronze level Cradle to Cradle certification in Europe. 
(Photo Guardian Glass, LLC, GRDPR174) Guardian Glass Europe is pleased to announce that it has attained Bronze level Cradle to Cradle certification for three of its product families – float, coated and laminated glass – manufactured at eight of its European plants.

Guardian Glass introduces Guardian Sense, an anti-glare glass for digital display and touchscreen applications

Guardian Glass introduces Guardian Sense™, an anti-glare glass for digital display and touchscreen applications. 
(Photo Guardian Glass, LLC, GRDPR176) Guardian Glass has launched a glass solution for digital touchscreen displays, which provides excellent anti-glare, anti-sparkling optics, combined with anti-fingerprint properties.

Double skin facades: selecting the right combination of glass to optimise their benefits

Double skin facades. 
(Photo Guardian Glass, LLC, GRDPR175) When designing a double skin façade, it is important to choose the right combination of glass to optimise the benefits in terms of energy management, dynamic selectivity, thermal insulation, and enhanced comfort, while minimising potential issues such as condensation, says Ralf Greiner, Product Application Manager for Guardian Glass in Europe.

Guardian Glass launches digital version of its GlassTime handbook, the “ultimate online glass knowledge centre”

Guardian Glass launches digital version of its GlassTime handbook, the “ultimate online glass knowledge centre”. 
(Photo Guardian Glass, LLC, GRDPR171)Guardian Glass has launched a digital version of its popular GlassTime handbook, which is an outstanding tool for architects, glass processors and cladders to learn about glass and how to build with it.

Guardian Glass invests in upgrade and modernisation of glass production lines in the UK and Hungary

Guardian Glass invests in upgrade and modernisation of glass production lines in the UK and Hungary. Aerial view of Guardian Glass plant, Goole, United Kingdom.
(Photo Guardian Glass, LLC, GRDPR173)
To support the increasing demand for float, coated and laminated glass in Europe, Guardian Glass is investing in the modernisation and upgrade of float glass lines at two of its European production plants.

Szkło SunGuard® SN 70/35 HT na fasadach wrocławskich budynków Sagittarius Business House oraz West Link

Budynek Sagittarius Business House. Materiały graficzne oraz zdjęcia © Guardian Glass, LLC. Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone.Sagittarius Business House oraz West Link to dwa nowoczesne obiekty biurowo-usługowe zlokalizowane we Wrocławiu. Budynki te łączy ze sobą nie tylko stolica Dolnego Śląska i ciekawa koncepcja architektoniczna, ale również zastosowane na fasadach szkło. W obu przypadkach jest nim SunGuard® SN 70/35HT – wysokoselektywne szkło od Guardian.

Fasady ze skórą podwójną: wybór odpowiedniego zestawienia szkła dla optymalizacji płynących z ich zastosowania korzyści

Fasada ze skórą podwójną może być wentylowana w sposób naturalny oraz mechaniczny, w zależności od rodzaju systemu zastosowanego w komorze powietrznej. Te dwa odmienne rodzaje fasad określa się mianem aktywnie oraz pasywnie (interaktywnie) wentylowanych fasad. 
(Zdjęcie Guardian Glass, LLC, GRDPR170)Projektując fasadę ze skórą podwójną należy wybrać odpowiednie zestawienie szkła, by móc zoptymalizować korzyści płynące z jego użytkowania. Wśród nich wymienić można: zarządzanie energią, dynamiczną selektywność, właściwości termoizolacyjne, poprawiony komfort oraz zmniejszoną kondensację, mówi Ralf Greiner, Product Application Manager w Guardian Glass in Europe.

“La Casa del Desierto” featured in the fifth season of Black Mirror series

Photo of the shooting of the new chapter of Black Mirror set in “La Casa del Desierto”, in Gorafe, Granada. All rights reserved.The famous and award-winning British television series Black Mirror, created by Charlie Brooker and streamed by the popular Netflix platform, features “La Casa del Desierto” by Guardian Glass in one of its new mind-bending stories in the series, now in its fifth season.

Castellana 77, a sustainable building with a Guardian Glass glazed facade

Castellana 77. Building.
(© All photos © luis vidal + arquitectos. All rights reserved, GRDPR168)In the heart of Madrid’s financial centre, in the AZCA district, stands Castellana 77, a building which, after two decades out of service, has begun a new iconic life thanks to luis vidal + arquitectos. The original 1977 tower is now a 62-metre-high office building, defining the skyline of the city in its own special way. With completion of the restoration, the building is a leader in terms of energy efficiency and environmental profile and has received the prestigious LEED Platinum certification. Guardian Glass high performance glass products for the façade helped contribute to achieving this LEED certification.