JEC 2024

Paris Nord Villepinte, France

5 - 7 Mar 2024


Syensqo expands its bio-based portfolio with a new MTM® epoxy prepreg

Section of a motor body panel using MTM® 49-3. (Photo: Syensqo, PR008)Syensqo, previously part of Solvay Group, has developed a new version of its flagship MTM® 49-3 resin that contains 30% bio-sourced monomers. The new product variant complements the portfolio of the company’s MTM® advanced prepregs and targets structural automotive applications, including body panels, chassis components and spoilers.

Syensqo launches new Swyft-Ply brand of composites for electronic and smart devices

Syensqo has introduced Swyft-Ply™, multifunctional materials that leverage traditional benefits of composites while meeting unique manufacturing and performance requirements. (Photo: Syensqo, PR007)Syensqo, previously part of Solvay Group, has announced the launch of Swyft-Ply™, a new composite material brand that enhances design options for the electronic and smart devices market. ‘Swyft’ emphasizes the fast-curing nature of the company’s strong and lightweight composites, and ‘Ply’ reflects the use of multiple material layers in the design of composite parts.

Syensqo announces sustainable mobility and technology collaborations at JEC 2024

Syensqo recently announced its partnership with Climate Impulse, a green hydrogen-powered non-stop flight project around the Earth, that will demonstrate how concrete solutions can help build a cleaner and more efficient world. 
(Photo: Syensqo, PR010)Syensqo, previously part of Solvay group, has for decades contributed to shaping the use of composites across aerospace and automotive by developing innovative lightweight and high performance materials compatible with efficient processing technologies. At this year’s JEC World, the company will showcase new advancements and partnerships supporting the trends of electrification, hydrogen propulsion and bio-sourcing as part of its ambition to advance humanity.