Syensqo expands its bio-based portfolio with a new MTM® epoxy prepreg

A composite material choice that responds to sustainability goals in automotive

Brussels, February 27, 2024 - Syensqo, previously part of Solvay Group, has developed a new version of its flagship MTM® 49-3 resin that contains 30% bio-sourced monomers. The new product variant complements the portfolio of the company’s MTM® advanced prepregs and targets structural automotive applications, including body panels, chassis components and spoilers.

“Our new bio-based MTM® 49-3 will help OEMs and Tiers to reduce fossil depletion and meet their carbon neutrality goals, while ensuring the same high levels of quality, processability and mechanical performance as its original counterpart,” states Greg Kelly, Head of Composite Product Management at Syensqo.

Just like the incumbent material, Syensqo’s new bio-based MTM® 49-3 has a dry glass transition temperature (Tg) of 190°C, and it exhibits enhanced toughness for superior impact resistance versus competitive thermoset prepregs. Thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio, it can yield component mass savings of up to 40% over metals. The product is compatible with autoclave and press-conversion processes and achieves curing at 135°C within 60 minutes. In addition, it has been designed for operator safety, and is free from carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxins.

Syensqo will officially introduce the bio-based MTM® 49-3 to the market at JEC World 2024 from March 05 to 07 at Booth K58 in Hall 5.

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Section of a motor body panel using MTM® 49-3. (Photo: Syensqo, PR008)


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