SolvaySolvay is a science company whose technologies bring benefits to many aspects of daily life. With more than 21,000 employees in 63 countries, Solvay bonds people, ideas and elements to reinvent progress. The Group seeks to create sustainable shared value for all, notably through its Solvay One Planet roadmap crafted around three pillars: protecting the climate, preserving resources and fostering a better life. The Group’s innovative solutions contribute to safer, cleaner, and more sustainable products found in homes, food and consumer goods, planes, cars, batteries, smart devices, health care applications, water and air purification systems. Founded in 1863, Solvay today ranks among the world’s top three companies for the vast majority of its activities and delivered net sales of €10.1 billion in 2021. Solvay is listed on Euronext Brussels and Paris (SOLB), and in the United States, where its shares (SLVYY) are traded through an unsponsored ADR program. Learn more at

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Solvay extends its sustainable polymer offering for smart devices and wearables

Solvay extends its sustainable polymer offering for smart devices and wearables. 
(Photo: Solvay, PR031)Solvay just launched the Kalix® 10000 series, an ideal structural material for precision electronics components used in smart devices, to complement its Kalix® product line. The newest HPPA-based material is set to take both performance and sustainability to the next level.

Solvay’s Solef® PVDF gets certified for Quality Management in Automotive

Solvay’s Solef® PVDF gets certified for Quality Management in Automotive. 
(Photo: Solvay, PR029)Solvay has announced that its Solef® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) polymers plant at Tavaux, France, has received IATF 16949:2016 accreditation for its quality management system. Building on the previously announced PVDF capacity increase at Tavaux site, making it the largest PVDF production site in Europe, this major achievement covers the design and production of PVDF battery-related applications within the automotive industry. This IATF 16949:2016 Certificate of Approval has been issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Group Limited (LRQA), a leading global assurance provider recognized in more than 120 countries around the world.

Solvay at JEC World 2022

Solvay has launched CYCOM® EP2190, an epoxy-based system combining superior toughness for thick and thin aircraft primary structures with excellent in-plane performance in hot/wet and cold/dry environments. (Photo: Solvay, PR006)At JEC World 2022, Solvay will highlight some of its latest innovations and initiatives for aerospace manufacturing such as advanced composite, surfacing and adhesive materials.

Solvay Expands Solvalite® Portfolio with Prepregs for Automotive Body Panels and Invests in Xencor LFT Production Facilities

Solvay Expands Solvalite® Portfolio with Prepregs for Automotive Body Panels and Invests in Xencor™ LFT Production Facilities. 
(Photo: Solvay, PR021)Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty materials, has announced an important addition to complement its broad portfolio of composite materials for the automotive industry: SolvaLite® 714 Prepregs, a new-generation of unidirectional carbon-fiber and woven-fabric products pre-impregnated with SolvaLite® 714 epoxy resin. These innovative prepregs offer fast-cure cycles, long outlife, and have been optimized for manufacturing automotive components, such as body panels at short compression molding cycle times in serial production runs.

Solvay and Carbios Demonstrate Enzymatic Depolymerization in PET/PVDC Barrier Film

Solvay and Carbios demonstrate enzymatic depolymerization in PET/PVDC barrier film. 
(Photo: Solvay, PR014)Solvay and Carbios successfully demonstrated that multi-layer PET films coated with Diofan® PVDC high-barrier polymer are fully compatible for enzymatic depolymerization - Carbios’ innovative recycling process. Results show that the PET is fully depolymerized, whereas the PVDC remains intact.

Solvay at In-Cosmetics 2022

SolvayAt in-cosmetics 2022, Solvay will highlight some of its latest innovations and sustainable initiatives. In addition Solvay will present new products that address sustainability in beauty care formulations.

Solvay and P&G Join Forces in Industry-Leading Effort to Double the Global Supply of Sustainable Guar Farming in India

Solvay’s guar-based polymer ingredients for beauty care formulations are part of a sustainable value chain and sourced mainly from rain-fed crops grown in Rajasthan, India, which accounts for approx. 80 percent of the world’s total guar production. (Photo: Solvay, PR022)Solvay, a leading global supplier of naturally-derived polymers for beauty care formulations, has announced that P&G Beauty has joined its Sustainable Guar Initiative (SGI), an industry-leading program launched in 2015, aimed at developing sustainable guar production at scale within the Bikaner desert district of Rajasthan, India. The district is one of the country’s largest guar producers and supplies Solvay with guar as a natural and renewable resource for Jaguar® used in hair and body care formulations.

Solvay partners with Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials to recycle end-of-life medical components

Solvay partners with Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials to recycle end-of-life medical components. (Photo: Solvay, PR023)Medical equipment made using Solvay’s Udel® high-performance polysulfone (PSU) thermoplastic will be recycled at the end of their useful lives in a new sustainability initiative that the company has embarked on with Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM).

Solvay Launches new Biodegradable Guar-Based Polymers for Beauty Care

Solvay’s Beauty Biodeg Score and its range of biodegradable guar-based functional polymers for the beauty care market. 
(Infographic: Solvay, PR024)Solvay, a global leader in naturally-derived beauty polymers, expands its range of biodegradable guar-based solutions, introduced in December 2021, with two additional thickening and conditioning polymers for beauty care. The two new ingredients, Jaguar® NAT SGI and Jaguar® Excel, will enable beauty brands to address stringent global regulations and growing consumer expectations for more responsible and sustainable beauty products.

Solvay Expands Its US-Based Sulfone Polymers Business

Solvay has announced a major expansion plan to boost its production capacity for sulfone polymers in support of a growing global customer base in life-saving and life-sustaining application markets. First steps in this initiative will add more than 25% of capacity for both Udel® polysulfones (PSU) and basic dichlorodiphenyl sulfone (DCDPS) at the company’s production sites in the United States by 2024. 

Solvay Marietta plant. (Photo: Solvay, PR020)Solvay announces an ambitious expansion plan for its U.S.-based sulfone business, which focuses on polymer solutions for various critical life science applications, as part of its ongoing commitment to build capacity in this field to support a growing global customer base.

Solvay Launches New Recycled-Based High-Performance Polyamide for Consumer Appliances

Solvay’s new Omnix® ReCycle combines the outstanding mechanical properties of virgin semi-aromatic HPPA with better flow, lower water pickup and best-in-class surface aspect. (Photo: Solvay, PR017)Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty polymers, has introduced a new Omnix® high-performance polyamide (HPPA) compound family based on a minimum of 33% recycled content, consisting of 70% PIR/PCR recycled resin which is highly secured and has a controlled process by the supplier. The innovative Omnix® HPPA technology follows the company’s One Planet roadmap towards continuously improving the environmental footprint and circularity of its product portfolio.