SanitizedSanitized® adding value since 1935

Sanitized® enhances textiles, polymer products as well as paints and coatings. The company develops its innovative technologies in Switzerland and markets them worldwide. The Sanitized® additives ensure odor-free textiles, the responsible protection of paints and treat polymers permanently with a hygiene function and material protection.

The all-embracing service for customers is unique: Standardized tests in the TecCenter, technical and regulatory advice, marketing support. Manufacturers and consumers have relied on the globally trusted Sanitized® brand for decades. It enables differentiation in the market and creates tangible added value for customers.

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SANITIZED AG launches new product Sanitized® BDC with dual function as in-can preservative and for product sanitation for the paint industry

SANITIZED AG launches new product Sanitized® BDC with dual function as in-can preservative and for product sanitation for the paint industry. 
(Photo: SANITIZED AG, PR045) Swiss-based antimicrobial solutions provider, SANITIZED AG, has launched Sanitized® BDC, a powerful triple-action product designed from three active ingredients, to protect aqueous systems such as polymer dispersions and architectural paints. Sanitized® BDC offers both product sanitation and in-can preservation for long-term stability. Sanitized® BDC offers a welcome alternative to zinc pyrithione or a pure CMIT/MIT based product for markets with tight biocide regulations.

Reliable source of BBIT in the United States

SANITIZED AG completes EPA registration for BBIT in the US. (Photo: SANITIZED AG, PR044) Swiss-based SANITIZED AG receives EPA registration for Butylbenzisothiazolinone (BBIT) offering local stock availability to support the domestic market. BBIT is a best-in-class antimicrobial, that provides effective protection against microbial attack, being a solution to degradation, loss of physical properties, and unpleasant odors.

SANITIZED AG appoints Dr. Martin Čadek as CTO of its Competence Centre for Technology & Innovation

Dr. Martin Čadek, CTO SANITIZED AG. 
(Photo: SANITIZED AG, PR042) 
Swiss-based SANITIZED AG is increasing its innovation expertise by appointing a new CTO, Dr. Martin Čadek, who will oversee global technological activities for the specialist antimicrobial hygiene brand. Dr. Čadek will lead the company’s Competence Centre for Technology Innovation and will focus on breaking new ground to develop innovations in sustainability.

SANITIZED AG launches a new biocide-free product for durable, odor-free textiles, ideal for all application processes

A new product for durable, odor-free textiles: Biocide-free, ideal for all application processes. 
(Photo: SANITIZED AG, PR041) SANITIZED AG, the specialist for hygiene function in textiles, is expanding its Sanitized® Odorex portfolio for odor-neutralizing technologies. The new OX20 product is usable on cotton, viscose, or synthetic fibers. It does not contain any biocides, it is highly wash-resistant, and it can be combined well with other effects.

New product from SANITIZED: water-based, comprehensive protection for coatings, effective against all significant microorganisms - plus, BPR-compliant

Sanitized® Broadtec™. 
(Photo: SANITIZED AG, PR040) SANITIZED AG, a specialist in hygiene function and material protection for plastics, is expanding its Sanitized® Broadtec™ product range with a new, water-based product: Sanitized® PL 19-30. Sanitized® PL 19-30 offers comprehensive protection against bacteria, mold, algae, and fungi. The water-based product is created exclusively with BPR-compliant active ingredients.

Sanitized® Puretec technology delivers optimal antimicrobial performance for all fiber types

Sanitized® Puretec™ technology delivers optimal antimicrobial performance for all fiber types.
(Photo: SANITIZED AG, PR039) SANITIZED AG, the Swiss expert in antimicrobial solutions for longlasting freshness in textiles presents a new product portfolio: Sanitized® Puretec™. A non-leaching, metal-free and particle-free antimicrobial solution for textiles to prevent the buildup of odor-causing bacteria. The technology provides long-lasting effects without release of the active ingredient, making it a safe and sustainable solution even after many washes.

Taking hygiene measures to prevent hospital-acquired infections:
A case study at the University Hospital Basel confirms the high effectiveness of an antimicrobial coating on adhesive films

Treated Sanitized® PURZON060B adhesive film by Hexis S.A.S.
(Photo: HEXIS S.A.S. / SANITIZED AG, PR037) In a clinical study that lasted several months, the effectiveness of antimicrobial treated surfaces against hospital pathogens was examined under real-life conditions at the University Hospital Basel in Switzerland. The research team, headed by Prof. Dr. Andreas Widmer and Dr. R. Frei, confirmed that the Sanitized® treated adhesive film developed jointly with Hexis S.A.S. has 98 % effectiveness against microbes. The results were first published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal “Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control”. The study was supported by Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency.

New CEO at SANITIZED AG: Michael Lüthi to assume leadership of the SANITIZED AG company group

CEO SANITIZED AG, Michael Lüthi. 
(Photo: SANITIZED AG, PR038) Michael Lüthi, a member of the founding family, will become the CEO of the SANITIZED company group on August 1, 2021. He will take over the position from Urs Stalder, who will join the administrative board after working for the company for over 30 years.

99.84 % protection against SARS CoV-2 on textiles thanks to Sanitized® T 99-19

SANITIZED AG: 99.84 % protection against SARS CoV-2 on textiles thanks to Sanitized® T 99-19. 
(Photo: SANITIZED AG, PR036) The antimicrobial protection of Sanitized® T 99-19 is valued by textile manufacturers worldwide. Now the product’s nearly 100 % efficacy against the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been confirmed by independent labs in France (basis: ISO 18184:2019).

Innovative Sanitized® BroadTect product durably protects polymers against a wide range of microorganisms

Innovative Sanitized® BroadTect product durably protects polymers against a wide range of microorganisms. (Photos: SANITIZED AG, PR035) Polymers can be protected against all relevant microorganisms with just a single antimicrobial product: Protection against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, mold and mildew, yeasts, and even algae. This newly developed product by SANITIZED AG has high temperature resistance and is suitable for thermoplastic processing methods such as extrusion processes or injection molding. The new Sanitized® product from the BroadTect portfolio features durable antimicrobial protection that is effective even after weathering. In addition, good antiviral efficacy on surfaces has been demonstrated.

SANITIZED e IMCD Brasil, Excelência e valor nas especialidades químicas na Industria de Polímeros

Michael Lüthi, Head Business Unit polymers da SANITIZED AG.SANITIZED e IMCD Brasil, dois especialistas em seus respectivos campos, com uma visão compartilhada de valores, unem suas forças. Ambas as empresas comprometidas com um serviço de excelência para a indústria de polímeros, que começa com a concepção de produtos de valor agregado e seu uso otimizado. Esta colaboração com a SANITIZED se encaixa muito bem no portfólio de distribução de especialidades da IMCD Brasil, já que as duas empresas estão focadas na criação de soluções inovadoras e específicas para o cliente.

FERRO-PLAST and SANITIZED AG: New strategic sales partnership for the Sanitized® antimicrobial polymer additives in Italy

Rodolfo Di Nardo, Managing Director FERRO-PLAST S.r.l.
(Photo: SANITIZED AG, PR033) SANITIZED customers in the polymer industry in Italy will profit from FERRO-PLAST’s expertise and established sales network. The Sanitized® antimicrobial additives for hygiene function and material protection for polymers will be marketed in Italy by our new sales partner.