SABIC introduces VALOX HX325HP resin for high-precision diabetes management devices, offering excellent processability & chemical resistance

High-flow, biocompatible PBT grade to be shown at NPE2024  
  • New VALOX HX325HP resin meets international standards of biocompatibility and change management.
  • This unreinforced polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resin has predictable processing and performance properties, including excellent mold release, flexible sterilization options and high environmental stress cracking (ESC) resistance.
  • It addresses a growing need for medical devices that enable more-convenient and personalized insulin administration and glucose monitoring by patients.

Orlando, Florida, May 8, 2024 - SABIC, a global leader in the chemicals industry, today announced the availability of VALOX HX325HP resin, a new high-performance, medical-grade, injection molding polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resin. Developed especially for high-precision parts, such as components of insulin delivery pens, insulin pumps, auto-injectors and continuous glucose monitors, this new resin combines outstanding processability with high chemical resistance and validated biocompatibility. SABIC will be featuring VALOX HX325HP resin at NPE2024 and will display auto injectors as candidate applications for this material at its booth (#S19005).

“Global diabetes cases are expected to soar from 529 million to 1.3 billion by 2050[1], leading manufacturers in the medical and pharmaceutical markets to invest in easy-to-use, consistent and accurate devices that put diabetes treatment in patients’ hands,” Roble Amanda, Director, Advanced Consumer Solutions, SABIC, said “This trend requires materials capable of providing high levels of safety, reliability and durability without compromising productivity or precision in high-volume applications. We are pleased to introduce our new VALOX HX325HP grade as a thermoplastic polyester solution that is engineered to exceed the high expectations and strict specifications of manufacturers in these demanding industry segments.”

The new medical-grade PBT resin has passed stringent injection molding trials, where it demonstrated high flow even in complex designs, as well as excellent mold release properties with lower shrinkage variation compared with competitive engineering plastics.

In service, VALOX HX325HP resin delivers high resistance to a wide range of chemicals for the mitigation of environmental stress cracking (ESC), as well as compatibility with ethylene oxide (EtO), gamma irradiation and steam sterilization.

The new material has been successfully tested to international biocompatibility standards. Preliminary assessments according to ISO 10993 or USP Class VI are available upon request. In addition, the grade is subject to SABIC’s Healthcare Policy, providing reliable formulation lock and change control management in line with FDA and EU guidelines for medical-grade plastics. VALOX HX325HP resin also serves as a formaldehyde-free alternative to polyoxymethylene (POM) materials.

The resin is supplied as an unreinforced, neat material, as well as in a limited range of standard colors.

NPE2024 runs May 6-10, in Orlando, Fla.

[1] The Lancet, volume 402, issue 10397, July 15, 2023,

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SABIC has introduced VALOX™ HX325HP resin, a new high-performance, medical-grade PBT material solution that combines outstanding processability with high chemical resistance and validated biocompatibility for high-precision applications with skin, tissue or blood contact. The material has been engineered to help manufacturers in the medical and pharmaceutical markets meet a growing need for diabetes management devices, such as insulin delivery pens, insulin pumps, auto-injectors and continuous glucose monitors, as well as gears and other internal components.


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