Fruit Attraction 2023

IFEMA MADRID – Recinto Ferial

3 - 5 Oct 2023


Westfalia Fruit: Pioneering Resilience in Global Avocado Supply Chains

Westfalia FruitWestfalia Fruit - the leading year-round multinational supplier of avocados, and an array of fresh produce to international markets around the globe unveils their forward-looking approach in striving to ensure the security of avocado supply chains amidst the formidable challenges confronting industries worldwide.

Westfalia Fruit: Building the Orchard of the Future today

Westfalia Fruit: Building the Orchard of the Future today. (Photo: Westfalia Fruit, PR025)Westfalia Fruit, a renowned multinational supplier of avocados and an array of fresh fruits, unveiled, for the first time in virtual reality, its visionary "Orchard of the Future" at Fruit Attraction 2023 in Madrid. This innovative project, represents a pivotal advancement in avocado cultivation, underpinned by over 40 years of research and a commitment to sustainable practices. Sustainability has been at the heart of Westfalia Fruit's mission from its inception 74 years ago. Dr. Merensky's vision, encapsulated in the motto "To Do Good," serves as the guiding principle for the entire organisation. Today, operating in 17 countries across five continents, Westfalia Fruit remains committed to advancing sustainable agricultural practices. The Orchard of the Future project is the manifestation of this enduring commitment. It encompasses four pivotal focus areas, each with far-reaching implications for the entire avocado industry.

Westfalia appoints new President Europe with a focus on customer experience, collaboration and transformation

Wim Destoop, Westfalia President Europe.
(Photo: Westfalia Fruit, PR024)Westfalia Fruit, a leading multinational supplier of avocados and a range of fresh fruit, has announced the appointment of Wim Destoop as President Europe from 2 October 2023.

Westfalia Fruit Attraction 2023 Press Kit

Westfalia FruitFruit Attraction has become the commercial tool of reference for the worldwide marketing of fruit and vegetables. Its capacity to promote the sector's worldwide exports makes it the commercial connection point for all the professionals that make up the entire value chain, as well as having consolidated itself as a framework for innovation in the fruit and vegetable market.