Syensqo at Semicon China 2024 with a complete portfolio of polymer solutions advancing chip performance

Meeting the complex needs of high performance, efficiency and sustainability in a rapidly evolving industry

Brussels, March 20, 2024 - Syensqo, previously part of Solvay Group, will demonstrate its advanced materials and services across all process needs to the semiconductor manufacturing industry at Semicon China 2024. The company portfolio includes a range of solutions that meet current needs for long-term reliability and efficiency in high-performance semiconductor applications, while also paving the way for innovative and sustainable technologies for the future.

“Syensqo understands the requirements of China’s semiconductor industry and builds on key investments to support the market,” states Andrew Lau, Senior Executive Vice President of Electronics & Industrial at Syensqo Speciality Polymers Global Business Unit (GBU). “Our wide range of polymers support our customers in their performance targets and in reducing the carbon footprint of critical components, fab infrastructure, process equipment and consumables. Together with our partners in this industry, we are actively working towards carbon neutrality while driving the progress of advanced semiconductor technologies.”

As computing power demand surges, the semiconductor industry is playing a pivotal role in delivering a sustainable, energy efficient future. This requires smarter, more efficient chips to lower energy use and shift towards sustainable manufacturing without compromising on yield. Concurrently, the industry continues to push the boundaries of technology to enhance material properties for improved chemical and plasma resistance, purity, and temperature performance. Syensqo offers specialty polymers for the semiconductors industry that cover all stages of manufacturing from FEOL (front-end-of-line) to BEOL (back-end-of-line), including duct coating, filtration, piping and tubing, wafer handling, lithography and the fab process, as well as assembly, testing and packaging. They have been proven in advanced node designs and can be found in virtually every manufacturing step, such as cleaning, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), dry and wet etching and chemical mechanical polishing (CMP).

The portfolio spans polysulfones and semi-crystalline specialties to fluoroelastomers, all engineered to provide outstanding purity, long-lasting chemical stability, optimized high-temperature resistance and plasma resistance. At the same time, Syensqo continues to invest in responsible manufacturing, has driven the transition to renewable energy at its manufacturing plants, and is creating many renewable and circular material solutions, including several innovative material developments based on recycled and bio-sourced feedstock. This is complemented by a wide range of high-purity, high-quality and consistent process chemicals used primarily in the cleaning and etching stages of chip production.

Syensqo’s research and development in semiconductor technologies is focused on providing sustainable high-performance solutions for next-generation processes in line with the semiconductor manufacturing roadmap. These advanced activities are backed by a state-of-the-art application lab in Shanghai, which is fully equipped to address particular customer specifications and meet local market needs with quick response delivering on the company’s mission to solve the unsolvable in close collaboration with industry partners to create breakthroughs that advance humanity.

Visitors are invited to re-discover Syensqo at Booth T0117 in Shanghai’s New International Expo Centre from March 20 to 22.

In addition to exhibiting at Semicon 2024, Syensqo will attend the SCC (Semiconductor Climate Consortium) Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Development Summit Forum, where Jun Zhang, Greater China Sales Director of Syensqo’s Electronics & Industrial market, will speak about ‘A Sustainable Future for Semiconductor Manufacturing Materials: Solutions and Innovations to Open New Frontiers’ on Wednesday, March 20, at 10:50 a.m., in Pudong Ballroom 5 of the Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai.

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