Barbara Sobzak on the Straumann Group SmileAward: A great union of dentists

Everyday thousands of dental professionals across the globe use Straumann products to give patients the confidence to smile again – to laugh freely with friends, to eat the foods they love. Our mission is to change people's lives by giving smiles back. But while Straumann produces dental implants and everything related to them, it’s not the implants that change lives... it’s you, the dental professional, who does.

In 2021, Straumann launched the SmileAward contest to highlight precisely this fact. Dr. Barbara Sobzak participated in the first edition and was one of the ten winners. In this interview, she tells us what motivated her and what an experience the SmileAward has been for her and her patients.

Barbara Sobzak 2021 winner video:

What attracted you to participate in the SmileAward 2021?
I was invited to take part in the competition by Dr. Fabio Cozzolino, the cofounder of Zerodonto. But already I was thinking about this contest for two reasons. First reason was that I wanted to show to a bigger number of doctors my treatment protocol – the Sobczak Concept in combination with Straumann Pro Arch. The second reason: I wanted to take part in a worldwide competition for doctors. That allows to feel more united and see how colleagues are managing their patients. I had this amazing feeling during the competition that from one side you want to win, but from the other you also have your favorites and you keep your fingers crossed for them.

How did you find out about the contest?
I became aware of it on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

What did you like most about the contest?
I liked that great union of doctors. Eventually we started to write to one another to exchange our appreciation of someone else’s work and videos. How much we were touched by particular patient's story. That competition reminds us that beside the craftsmanship of our job we do it for particular people, our patients. Most of the social media dental content is about showing the outcome of the procedures. This is about the state of art and emotions. That makes this contest so special and so involving.

What did you obtain beyond the prize? Visibility maybe? And how did it impact communication with your peers/patients?
In my case I believe that I obtained some more visibility. My patients were proud of my achievement and so was my team at the clinics. As always I was happy that Straumann team is so open and understanding that I managed to change my prize to the prize when I can do a pro bono case and change life of a particular person. I will be happy to share that case soon. But beside that I just had great time and really enjoyed the contest.

How does it feel now to be part of the jury?
I am honored to be a part of the jury. This is so important and I take it very seriously because I know exactly how to be a participant of SmileAward. I am very much looking forward to great adventure of seeing inspiring cases from all over the world.

Where do you see the link between the purposes of both the contest and your profession?
Working as an implantologist is all about giving our patients the best treatment. So besides everyday planning and performing surgeries I love to take part in courses and symposiums. That is very much needed inspiration to my work. This contest is like being both inspired and motivated by our colleagues’.

What was the impact the contest had on the live of your patient – how did it change his or her life?
My patient was very proud to be a part of this contest. Now she is very happy after the surgery. She says that she devides her life in two; before Sobczak Concept with Straumann Pro Arch and after. She cannot imagine going back to times when she couldn’t freely eat and smile.

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About Barbara Sobczak
Graduated from Warsaw Medical University in 2007 and Goethe Universitat in Frankfurt am Main in 2017. ITI Fellow, ITI Study Club Mazovia Director, Medical Consultant for Straumann in Poland. Center of Excellence for Education in Oral Implantology. Owner of clinics in Poland: Dr Sobczak Klinika Radosc, Dr Sobczak Klinika Babice and Dr Sobczak Junior Wilanow.

About the SmileAward
Show us how YOU are changing the lives of your fully edentulous patients and how dentistry can give back confidence and improve the overall well-being of individuals. Please create and submit your best patient story, together with the clinical procedure and the patient's testimonial by April 20th, 2022. All cases fulfilling the criteria will be submitted for public voting. A jury composed of world-renowned thought leaders in the field of dentistry will select the final winners who will be awarded their prizes during the EuroPerio 10 (June 15th - 18th 2022). Participate now and don't miss the opportunity to showcase the way you are impacting your patients' lives every day.

About the Straumann Group
Since our foundation many decades ago, we’ve been inspired to make people’s lives better. Our entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to scientific excellence, has made us a global market leader in esthetic dentistry. We’ve transformed millions of lives. And we’ll transform millions more. Patients and professionals all over the world confirm that improved oral health increases self-confidence. It restores people’s self-esteem and unlocks their life potential. We are proud to be able to make a fundamental difference. Because what we do, goes way beyond simply restoring a smile.

About Zerodonto
With more than 300 thousand members and followers, the international Zerodonto platform aims at sharing ideas and knowledge in dentistry with health professionals. The purpose is to grow together clinically and scientifically.

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