Sabo S.p.A. and Kaneka Corporation Partnership

Bergamo, Italy – 23 November, 2016 – Sabo S.p.A. and Kaneka Corporation are very pleased to announce their partnership for the Green Surfactant System “Sodium Surfactin”. After a successful collaboration to develop and co-patent the multifunctional Ingredient, SABO®SOL RF, Sabo S.p.A. and Kaneka Corporation will continue to work together in the research, development and production of products based on Sodium Surfactin.

The aim of the partnership is to benefit from the respective technical and market knowledge of each company to develop innovative solutions for personal care formulators and achieve consumers’ needs for natural, eco-friendly and sustainable solutions.

SABO®SOL RF is a patented innovation developed by Sabo and Kaneka to provide easy access to the benefit of Squalane to protect the skin barrier in personal care formulations.

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About Kaneka Corporation

Kaneka Corporation is a global company established in 1949 with headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. Kaneka Corporation offers solutions in different segments of chemicals, functional plastics, expandable plastics and products, foodstuffs products, life science products, electronic products, and synthetic fibers.

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About Sabo SpA

Sabo S.p.A is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of specialty chemicals and ingredients used in a wide range of markets, including additives for plastics & coatings, cosmetic ingredients, and specialty chemicals for industrial applications.

As a privately held company with over 75 years of experience in chemical manufacturing, Sabo's strengths include a high level of flexibility, strong chemical process expertise, and a proven ability to provide products meeting customer requirements for quality and performance.

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