Perstorp strengthens its sustainable offerings with 100% renewable based 2-Ethylhexanol

Malmö October 18, 2023 - Leading specialty chemicals innovator Perstorp has launched a new grade of 2-Ethylhexanol (2-EH), now available with 100% renewable, traceable mass-balanced carbon content. When including the biogenic CO2 uptake[1] absorbed by the renewable raw materials used, the product has a negative carbon footprint cradle to Perstorp gate. Developed based on both physical and chemical traceability, 2-EH Pro 100 is designed to minimize the carbon footprint[2] throughout the value chain, while supporting sustainable sourcing of renewable and recycled raw materials.

Offering a wide array of applications, 2-EH Pro 100 demonstrates the wide impact the chemical industry has in so many areas of life. The launch of 2-EH Pro 100 is the newest in a series of additions of 100% renewable products based on traceable mass balance to Perstorp’s Pro-Environment portfolio including Evyron T100, Neeture N100, Valeric Acid Pro 100, and 2-EHA Pro 100.

“We have launched a number of grades of partially renewable products in the past years, but these new additions are especially exciting as they are some of the first 100% renewable sourced products of this type on the market,” remarks Betty Lu, Vice President of Business Unit Oxo and Plasticizers at Perstorp. “It showcases and further strengthens our commitment and continuous efforts to enable a sustainable transformation in the industry and value chain.”

2-EH Pro 100 is Perstorp's most recent step towards becoming Finite Material Neutral, heralding a significant shift in the industry's dependence on virgin fossil raw materials while allowing downstream industries to reduce their Scope 3 emissions while also creating products with a reduced carbon footprint, without compromising on performance. 2-EH Pro 100 is an ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certified product. Being ISCC PLUS certified means that all sustainable raw materials are ISCC PLUS or ISCC EU certified in all parts of the value chain all the way back to the point of origin.

“The 2-EH Pro 100 will enable our customers to use 2-EH based on 100% renewable traceable mass balanced feedstock in their formulations,” says Magnus Hindsö, Business Manager for Oxo Products at Perstorp. “This will provide a significant reduction of the product carbon footprint throughout the entire value chain and support the needed transition to more sustainable chemical solutions using less finite raw materials.”

Emphasizing transparency and traceability, the Traceable Mass Balance applies chemical and physical traceability. Applying both physical and chemical traceability means that it possible to find the recycled/renewable molecules in the output product and enables brand owners to make credible product claims. This drives a real transition of the industry to break fossil dependence and incentivize innovation and development of new raw materials and technologies needed for the complete transition of products and industry. The launch of 2-EH Pro 100 marks another significant milestone in Perstorp's quest to lead the industry's shift towards renewable and recycled raw materials. It reflects an exciting step towards future-proofing, gradually phasing out virgin fossil raw materials for a variety of applications.

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[1] Biogenic CO2 uptake refers to the CO2 captured by the plant/biomass from the atmosphere, during the photosynthesis process, while growing
[2] Negative product carbon footprint implies a net removal of CO2 from cradle to Perstorp gate when factoring in the biogenic CO2 uptake. The conversion of biomass into products thereby signifies a net CO2 extraction via its storage in the final product.

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Perstorp believes in improving everyday life – making it safer, more convenient and more environmentally sound for billions of people all over the world. As a world leading specialty chemicals company, our innovations provide essential properties for products used every day and everywhere. You’ll find us all the way from your car and mobile phone to towering wind turbines and the local dairy farm. Simply put, we work to make good products even better, with a clear sustainability agenda.

Founded in Sweden in 1881, Perstorp’s focused innovation builds on more than 140 years of experience, representing a complete chain of solutions in organic chemistry, process technology and application development. Perstorp has approximately 1,500 employees and manufacturing units in Asia, Europe and North America. Sales in 2022 amounted to 15.3 billion SEK. Perstorp is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG), Malaysia´s leading integrated chemicals provider and part of PETRONAS Group.

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Perstorp strengthens its sustainable offerings with 100% renewable based 2-Ethylhexanol. 
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