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ElogioAM aims to be the innovation and quality leader in creating Additive Manufacturing materials. We seek to develop and produce the highest performance Additive Manufacturing materials worldwide. We have unrivaled polymer and Additive Manufacturing expertise and will leverage this to make materials that are fit for purpose.

By creating materials optimized for specific applications our materials will outperform bulk, commodity and specialty materials. ElogioAM is alone in being able to completely create monomer, polymer, additives and then deploy these solely to increase the performance of the final 3D printed part. Elogio AM is currently developing unique end-use additive manufacturing materials for orthotics, bioprinting, spare parts, and wearables.

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ElogioAM B.V. releases Facilan™ HT, 3D printing filament enabling production of durable parts with FDM additive manufacturing 

Standard Spool Facilan™ HT.
(Photo: ElogioAM)ElogioAM B.V., a newly formed Joint Venture between Swedish Perstorp AB and Dutch 3D4Makers B.V, continues to introduce its new filament solutions to advance FDM additive manufacturing. Following its breakthrough, easy to print Facilan™ C8 delivering superior finish, mechanical properties and minimum post-processing for demanding prototyping, models and spare parts, ElogioAM is proud to introduce its new addition, Facilan™ HT.