Belden introduces 4-channel brilliance CatSnake™ 1305a

Belden now offers the popular Brilliance CatSnake™ 1305A single Cat 5e cables within a multiple snake design (4x1305E) for use in patching Ethernet™ or digital A/V formats.

Belden has introduced a new 4-channel Brilliance CatSnake 1305E4, an extremely rugged snake cable for use in high traffic areas in a broadcast studio or in any type of tactical field deployable A/V installation.

CatSnake cables are designed for portable applications. They are able to withstand repeated coiling and uncoiling for stage and live sound applications. Also referred to as Tactical Cat 5e cables, they feel and look like a microphone cable. Thanks to their flexible PVC outer jacket they have a low memory effect.

The new cable, with Belden’s patented Bonded-Pair design, features bonded-pair unshielded twisted pairs (UTPs) with 24 AWG stranded bare copper conductors and polyolefin insulation. The cables have a black matte finish and are numbered for easy identification.

Superior Performance In Harsh Environments

With Belden’s proprietary Bonded-Pair design, the individual insulated conductors are bonded together along over the full length of the cable. This guarantees superior performance: these cables retain their impedance and return loss performance, even when flexed and handled in rugged, harsh environments.

CatSnake 1305E4 is exceptionally suited for professional broadcast applications such as Broadcast TV/Radio, OB vans, live sound, outdoor news or sports and on-stage lighting applications. The four Cat5e UTP elements are covered by one flexible overall jacket and the entire cable has a completely black matte finish to sustain invisibility on stage.

To enhance overall ruggedness, portability, survivability and re-useability, Belden has designed an upjacketed version for the harshest heavy-duty environments. To make them flexible, these cables have stranded (7x32) conductors and matte-finished Belflex® jackets.

Brilliance CatSnake 1305E4 is ideal for use in audio and lighting applications. The cable is designed for recently developed audio formats, including those running on Ethernet cables. These include CobraNet™, EtherSound™, and Roland’s DigitalSnake™. They are also suited for stage lighting control.

In these, and other applications, CatSnake 1305E4 will be easy to conceal - the entire cable is black – and continue to deliver superior performance, despite rough treatment. The compact, round cables are rugged and can easily be transported and deployed. They are easy to terminate, thanks to the incorporated ripcord and CatSnake and are compatible with RJ-45 connectors. Neutrik’s Ethercon™ connector is used to lock the cable to the patch bay. The cable end offers a robust diecast shell as a carrier for pre-assembled RJ-45 plugs.

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Belden now offers the popular Brilliance CatSnake™ 1305A single Cat 5e cables within a multiple snake design (4x1305E) for use in patching Ethernet™ or digital A/V formats.


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