Charmor™ micronized polyols from Perstorp respond to increasing calls for high quality intumescent coatings for steel structures

Perstorp - April 22, 2015 - Perstorp’s Charmor™ market-leading range of micronized polyols for intumescent coatings will be a focus of attention on the company’s stand (Hall 7A- stand 511) at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg on April 21-23. Coatings containing Charmor™ can help save lives in major fires by prolonging the integrity of steel structures. As building fire safety standards around the world become increasingly strict, Charmor™ puts Perstorp in a strong position to help coating companies satisfy safety-conscious specifiers.

Charmor™ polyols are incorporated into coating systems that are applied at a thickness of several millimetres, which under normal circumstances look no different from any other type of coating. However, in a burning building, as the temperature rises to around 200°C and beyond, Charmor™ reacts with other ingredients in the paint formulation to form an insulating carbon foam, or char, that expands to become several centimeters thick. This insulates the steel from the heat of the flames, and so prevents or significantly delays it from collapsing. As a result, building occupants have more time to evacuate the building.

Intumescent coatings containing Charmor™ provide an alternative to other fire protection systems for steel structures such as cementitious systems or gypsum board. The structures weigh much less and, by being able to use an aesthetic coating rather than a substantial and aesthetically unappealing cladding system, architects can design buildings that combine improved safety with visual appeal.

Perstorp is a major supplier of carbon sources for intumescent systems. It is well recognized in the coatings industry as a reliable partner, producing a safety-critical product with high and consistent quality. Perstorp also offers security of supply for Charmor™ through a network of production facilities.

Charmor™ is available for waterborne and solvent-based coating formulations. There are four different grades, with different levels of water solubility, and two different particle sizes: 40 and 15 microns. Henrik Bernquist, Perstorp Product Manager for Charmor™, draws attention to the consistent quality of all grades in terms of particle size distribution and composition, which provides superior quality and reliability.

The most recent addition to the Charmor™ portfolio is Charmor™ Care, which uses raw materials partially derived from renewable resources. “This provides paint formulators with an extra tool for reducing their carbon footprint,” Bernquist points out. Perstorp production facilities are also very sustainable, using, for example, boilers that run on renewable alternatives rather than fossil fuels.

“We see very good prospects for continued growth in our Charmor™ business,” says Bernquist. “Fire safety is growing in importance around the world, and building standards are becoming increasingly strict, with more and more countries adopting codes already in place in Europe and North America. Perstorp has a solution that works extremely well and consistently, and which specifiers can rely on. This is important because an intumescent only has to work once, but when it does need to work, it needs to work well. With Charmor™, Perstorp provides quality without compromise.”

Henrik Bernquist will give a 20 minute talk, “Charmor™ in intumescent coatings - Protecting people and property”, in Hall 5, stand no. 353 on April 22, starting at 12.10 hrs. He will present typical formulations of intumescent coatings and Perstorp’s offering for both solvent borne and water borne formulations. He will also discuss Charmor™ Care.

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