Westfalia Fruit: Pioneering Resilience in Global Avocado Supply Chains

Westfalia FruitWestfalia Fruit - the leading year-round multinational supplier of avocados, and an array of fresh produce to international markets around the globe unveils their forward-looking approach in striving to ensure the security of avocado supply chains amidst the formidable challenges confronting industries worldwide.

Solvay Launches New SolvaLite® Grade for Superior Flame Retardancy in Battery Enclosures

UL 2596 flame test performed on a SolvaLite® 716 FR component - before and after. 
(Photo: Solvay, PR093)Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty materials, has announced the launch of SolvaLite® 716 FR, an innovative fast-curing epoxy prepreg system designed for a wide range of structural parts and reinforcements in premium battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

eschbach Announces New Shiftconnector® Tier Collaboration Dashboard to Enhance Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

eschbachGlobal software developer eschbach, the provider of Shiftconnector® digital manufacturing software for the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing sectors, announces that its Shiftconnector enterprise software now has developed a new collaboration dashboard specifically designed for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Announced at the AVEVA World Summit in San Francisco, the new interactive dashboard plugs communications gaps that often occurs between shifts and the protective multilayers in pharma manufacturing that are vulnerable to errors and deviations.

tonies selects sustainable styrenics from INEOS Styrolution for new audio product for children

Image: courtesy of toniestonies, the global provider of “smart” audio systems for children, selected INEOS Styrolution’s sustainable ECO polymer to reduce the environmental footprint of their new audio product “Clever Tonies”. The company decided for INEOS Styrolution’s ABS[1] material Novodur® ECO P2H-AT BC50, a material that is partly based on renewable feedstock.

Kink-resistant and tested in accordance with the KTW-BWGL standard

KRAIBURG TPE has launched the innovative new THERMOLAST® DW series, complying with the KTW-BWGL standard (mandatory from March 2025) for PVC-free sanitary and drinking water tubes and hoses made of thermoplastic elastomers. (Image: © 2023 KRAIBURG TPE)KRAIBURG TPE has launched a new series of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) for tubes and hoses used in sanitary and drinking water applications. These innovative products already meet the stricter evaluation criteria for plastics and other organic materials in contact with drinking water established by the German Environment Agency (KTW-BWGL standard), which will become binding for TPEs from March 2025. The compounds are characterized by easy processability and provide tubes and hoses with extremely smooth surfaces, considerably improved mechanical properties and excellent kink resistance. The new compounds will be presented at Fakuma 2023.

BSH selects light blocking ABS material from ELIX Polymers for washing machine control panels

BSH selects light blocking ABS material from ELIX Polymers for washing machine control panels.
(Photo: ELIX Polymers, PR078)BSH Home Appliances has selected light blocking ABS grade from ELIX Polymers for the lightwell part behind the control panel of their latest washing machines. ELIX Polymers has developed a tailor-made light-blocking ABS to ensure precise illumination and controlled light with no leakage into neighbouring chambers. A washing machine’s control panel is an important part of the design and functionality of such appliances and is used in daily life in many households.

Perstorp strengthens its sustainable offerings with 100% renewable based 2-Ethylhexanol

Perstorp strengthens its sustainable offerings with 100% renewable based 2-Ethylhexanol. 
(Photo: Perstorp)Leading specialty chemicals innovator Perstorp has launched a new grade of 2-Ethylhexanol (2-EH), now available with 100% renewable, traceable mass-balanced carbon content. When including the biogenic CO2 uptake[1] absorbed by the renewable raw materials used, the product has a negative carbon footprint cradle to Perstorp gate. Developed based on both physical and chemical traceability, 2-EH Pro 100 is designed to minimize the carbon footprint[2] throughout the value chain, while supporting sustainable sourcing of renewable and recycled raw materials.

Westfalia Fruit: Building the Orchard of the Future today

Westfalia Fruit: Building the Orchard of the Future today. (Photo: Westfalia Fruit, PR025)Westfalia Fruit, a renowned multinational supplier of avocados and an array of fresh fruits, unveiled, for the first time in virtual reality, its visionary "Orchard of the Future" at Fruit Attraction 2023 in Madrid. This innovative project, represents a pivotal advancement in avocado cultivation, underpinned by over 40 years of research and a commitment to sustainable practices. Sustainability has been at the heart of Westfalia Fruit's mission from its inception 74 years ago. Dr. Merensky's vision, encapsulated in the motto "To Do Good," serves as the guiding principle for the entire organisation. Today, operating in 17 countries across five continents, Westfalia Fruit remains committed to advancing sustainable agricultural practices. The Orchard of the Future project is the manifestation of this enduring commitment. It encompasses four pivotal focus areas, each with far-reaching implications for the entire avocado industry.

Non-cross-linking TPEs for cold, warm and hot water

KRAIBURG TPE is launching trendsetting, new and non-cross-linking THERMOLAST® DW compounds for sophisticated sealing and sanitary components in contact with hot water that meet the requirements of the KTW-BWGL standard. 
(Image: © 2023 KRAIBURG TPE)KRAIBURG TPE is about to launch an innovative new technology: Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) for applications in the drinking water and sanitary industry that are in compliance with the strict KTW-BWGL standard, which will become binding for TPEs from March 2025 as well. These outstanding compounds are intended to be used for seals, sealings and components such as showerheads and meet all relevant requirements in the European Union for final products that come into contact with cold water, warm water and, for the first time, hot water.

Clariant launches new range of excipients to improve stability and solubility of APIs at CPHI Barcelona

Clariant Health Care expands the range of functional excipients to solve active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) delivery & bioavailability. (copyright Clariant)Clariant, a sustainability-focused specialty chemicals company, announces new additions to its portfolio of high-performing pharmaceutical ingredient solutions to support the evolution of safe and effective medicines. At CPHI Barcelona, Clariant will unveil three new VitiPure® excipients allowing for a multitude of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) formulations and administration routes, even for sensitive ones, such as mRNA vaccines and biologic medications, establishing it as a one-stop shop solutions provider to the industry.

Industry’s largest library of colors now fully integrated into Shima Seiki design system with Color Atlas by Archroma®

Industry’s largest library of colors now fully integrated into Shima Seiki design system with Color Atlas by Archroma. 
(Photo: Archroma)Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, and Shima Seiki, a leading provider of computerized flat knitting machines and digital design systems, have expanded their partnership to bring the industry’s largest library of colors for cotton and polyester to the SDS®-ONE APEX design, planning and virtual sampling system and APEXFiz® (hereafter SDS®-ONE APEX series) subscription software.

SABIC debuts higher PCR content LNP™ ELCRIN™ copolymer resin with enhanced performance

SABIC’s new upgraded LNP™ ELCRIN™ copolymer resins can reduce carbon footprint while delivering desirable performance properties and aesthetics. They may be candidates for applications such as housings of consumer electronic devices and chargers, enclosures for 5G base station infrastructure and industrial components such as circuit breakers. In automotive, they have the potential to be used for exterior grilles, pillars and trim.SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, today launched a new portfolio of 10 LNP™ ELCRIN™ copolymer resins that can reduce carbon footprint while delivering desirable performance properties and aesthetics. Adopting these polycarbonate (PC)-based copolymer materials, which contain up to 75 percent certified post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, can help customers advance their sustainability initiatives without sacrificing key attributes. Compared to competitive impact-modified PC resins containing PCR content, which can have performance limitations, the new LNP copolymer resins deliver high performance across the board. Depending on the grade, they may provide low-temperature ductility, chemical and weathering resistance, good flow for easy processing, transparency, a broad color space, UV stability and thin-wall flame retardance (FR) meeting the UL94 V-0 rating at 0.6mm.

KRAIBURG Fakuma 2023 Press Kit

KRAIBURG TPE will be showcasing a series of innovative new thermoplastic elastomers for drinking water and hot water applications as well as an expanded range of trendsetting TPE solutions containing proportions of renewable and recycled materials. 
(Image: © 2023 KRAIBURG TPE)At Fakuma, 17 until 21 October, Messe Friedrichshafen in Germany, KRAIBURG TPE, a global manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomers, will present their newly developed innovative solutions, as well as their service portfolio.

KRAIBURG TPE responds to the issue of bio-based materials by supplying bio-based TPEs with a variable proportion of sustainable raw materials

Bio-based TPEs have a lower product carbon footprint than established alternatives that are not based on renewable raw materials. 
(Image: © 2023 KRAIBURG TPE)KRAIBURG TPE is presenting thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) that have a variable proportion of renewable raw materials. By introducing these new compounds, the global TPE manufacturer is expanding its THERMOLAST® R range of more sustainable solutions by adding a line of products from renewable raw material sources. Bio-based TPEs also have a lower product carbon footprint than established alternatives that are not based on renewable raw materials.