Clariant sets new limits in solar heating

InterSolar 2010, Munich
June 09 – 11, 2010
Hall.Stand C1.356

Muttenz, June 9, 2010 - Clariant creates new possibilities for the alternative energy market to achieve effective, long-life protection for solar and geothermal systems with the addition of Antifrogen® SOL HT and pioneering Antifrogen® GEO to its trusted family of heat transfer fluids.

Antifrogen SOL HT enables highly-stressed solar heating systems with high thermal loads to work effectively over the long-term, whether facing a permanent usage temperature of up to +200 °C or operating at lows of -23 °C. New Antifrogen GEO is a cutting-edge development for near-surface geothermics, combining protection with environmental benefits.

Antifrogen SOL HT is a specially designed heat transfer fluid that combines high-level corrosion protection with superior thermal stability over a broad temperature range. Developed in response to the increasing use of vacuum collectors, which have a high stagnation temperature of +270 °C and above, Antifrogen SOL HT offers protection to idle systems at temperatures in excess of this and at permanent operating temperatures of up to +200 °C.

Higher boiling glycols in Antifrogen SOL HT prevent similar evaporation of traditional, low boiling ethylene or propylene glycol-based fluids from occurring at such high temperatures. By preventing evaporation and the associated build-up of salt-like residues, the potential for operating problems and maintenance is reduced.

Antifrogen SOL HT is premixed with deionized water and formulated with anti-corrosion additives to ensure optimal frost and corrosion protection down to -23 °C. It is compatible with standard metal and plastic components used in solar heating systems.

According to corrosion test method ASTM D1384, the heat transfer medium protects the metals of solar heating systems against corrosion and the formation of boiler scale. Trials have shown that under central European winter conditions the formulation will not cause bursts in metal system components because slush ice is formed when the product is cooled below the crystallization point. Antifrogen SOL HT has a burst resistance of minimum -40°C. It is classified as WGK 1.

In addition to showcasing its offering for the solar heating market, Clariant reinforces its commitment to the wider renewable energy sector by unveiling Antifrogen GEO - its pioneering new development for near-surface geothermics - to InterSolar 2010 visitors.

Antifrogen GEO is a heat transfer medium for near-surface geothermal systems. The clear liquid, tinted green, is suitable for use at the required application temperatures of -25 °C to +50 °C.

The product’s antifreeze action is based on toxicologically harmless 1,2-propylene glycol. This glycol and the non-toxic corrosion inhibitors contained in the product comply with the best possible water contamination classification level (WGK 1).

For more information visit www.antifrogen.

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Antifrogen is a registered trademark of Clariant.

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