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BLPR004 - 08/04/2002

Borealis introduces new Borstar® jacketing compound for ADSS cable applications

Borealis, the leading global supplier of polyethylene to the wire and cable industry, has launched Borstar HE 6081, a new grade of its high-density polyethylene-based family of jacketing compounds. Borstar HE 6081, which has been specially designed for ADSS cable applications, delivers excellent track resistance outperforming the tracking properties of traditional compounds.

Offering mechanical toughness and resistance to weathering, UV radiation and ESCR, Borstar HE 6081 can withstand severe installation and in-service conditions, even at elevated temperatures, making it ideal for the jacketing of fibre optic cable installed in high voltage overhead power transmission lines.

All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) optical fibre cable is an increasingly popular cable technology particularly for existing power transmission routes as they are proven, cost effective and provide for high fibre counts. However, a key challenge to the wire and cable industry has been to develop ADSS cable capable of withstanding the high electrical fields in the overhead power line environment.

A key determinant in cable lasting the required lifetime of a system is the ability of its jacketing to resist the effects of high electrical fields, especially the degrading activity of random arching on the cable surface. Conventionally, LDPE has been the material of choice for these applications but is increasingly being replaced by LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE for ADSS installations in harsher environments because of their higher mechanical and physical properties. And, HDPE-based Borstar HE 6081, represents the next-step in material enhancement to meet these challenges.

The outstanding performance of Borstar HE 6081 in ADSS jacketing is made possible by Borealis’ proprietary Borstar polymerisation technology. This allows for a tailor-made, bimodal MWD, so the material’s ESCR properties can be maintained even with the high filler and additive levels needed to achieve excellent resistance to tracking. Moreover, the material’s superior characteristics are complemented by the best features of traditional jacketing compounds, such as ease of processability and low shrinkage.

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Borealis Head Office
IZD Tower
Wagramerstraße 17–19
A-1220 Vienna

Tel +43 (0) 1 22 4000
Fax +43 (0) 1 22 400 333
Web www.borealisgroup.com
Notes for Editors
Borealis is a leading supplier of high-quality polyolefin plastics – polyethylene and polypropylene – producing over 3 million tons of these plastics per year. The Borealis head office is in Denmark and the Group has manufacturing sites and operations in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates and the USA.

Borealis is owned 50% by the Norwegian oil company Statoil, 25% by OMV, the Austrian oil and gas group, and 25% by IPIC, the International Petroleum Investment Company of Abu Dhabi.

Borstar is a registered trademark of Borealis A/S.

Learn more about Borealis at www.borealisgroup.com.
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