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Milliken is an innovation company that has been exploring, discovering, and creating ways to enhance people’s lives since 1865. Our community of innovators has developed one of the larger collections of United States patents held by a private U.S. company. With expertise across a breadth of disciplines including specialty chemical, floor covering, and performance materials, we work around the world every day to add true value to people’s lives, improve health and safety, and make this world more sustainable. For more information, visit

Milliken & Company’s Chemical Division

Milliken & Company’s Chemical division has grown to become a leading global supplier of coatings, specialty chemicals and advanced additive and colorant technologies since its conception in 1957. The division that was founded to supply proprietary processing chemicals within Milliken’s operations has since expanded into many diverse industries and markets, ranging from plastics to children’s art products. Milliken’s Chemical division has application and development centers around the world and is committed to customer support. For more information about Milliken’s Chemical division, please visit

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Milliken, Torres Espic & Fecken-Kirfel set to make a colorful impression on PU foam segments at K 2016

PU foaming companies can take advantage of Fecken-Kirfel’s comprehensive portfolio of German-manufactured foam cutting machines, high-tech CNC contour cutting centers and fully automatic cutting lines. 
(Photo © Fecken–Kirfel, all rights reserved, MKPR153)Ghent, Belgium – Milliken will join forces at K 2016 with polyurethane (PU) foam producer Torres Espic and foam-cutting innovators Fecken-Kirfel to demonstrate the persuasive appeal of using the uniquely strong and bright deep shades of Milliken’s Reactint® colorants in combination with innovative cutting profiles to indicate high-end quality, and differentiating features and benefits in PU foams in applications such as mattresses.

New SiVance® C2010 Resin for Epoxy-Silicone Formulations Ups Durability of Protective Coatings in Harsh Conditions

Mandrel Bend Test Comparison After Five Days at 120 C Showing that the Control Sample (left) Cracked and Delaminated, While the SiVance C2010 Resin Sample (right) Passed. (Photo © 2016 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR158)Ghent, Belgium – SiVance, LLC, a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, today introduced SiVance® C2010 resin, a new reactive silicone technology designed to create highly durable epoxy-silicone hybrid coating formulations. Specifically, this unique, high-performance material helps extend the flexibility and impact resistance of protective coatings used in harsh operating environments such as undersea drilling, hydraulic fracturing and chemical manufacturing. Compared to coatings made with competitive products, hybrid formulations featuring SiVance C2010 resin enable formulators to help their customers avoid the cracking, delamination and blistering that lead to corrosion and failure of metal pipes, tanks and equipment.

Milliken highlights the power of “Making Polypropylene Clearer, Better, Faster. Together” at K 2016

Making Polypropylene Better, Faster. Together.
(Photo © 2016 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR149)Ghent, Belgium – Milliken invites polypropylene (PP) producers, compounders and converters attending K 2016 to join with it to enable future innovation across the plastics industry by “Making polypropylene clearer, better, faster. Together”.

Milliken Wins Prestigious EUROPUR Innovation Award for Industry Leading Milliguard™ AOX-1 Antioxidant

Antoni Puig Accepting the EUROPUR Innovation Award on Behalf of Milliken at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of EUROPUR in Brussels, Belgium.
(Photo © 2016 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR154)Ghent, Belgium – Milliken & Company announced today that it has won the prestigious EUROPUR Innovation Award for the company’s Milliguard™ AOX-1 polymer-bound antioxidant for polyurethane (PU) which gives the automotive industry a unique solution for compliance with toughening indoor air quality standards for vehicles. EUROPUR, the European Association of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Blocks Manufacturers, created this award to recognize excellence and professionalism in the flexible PU foam industry. Antoni Puig, product line manager, EMEA – PU Colorants & Additives, and Sven De Vis, European technical manager, accepted the award on behalf of Milliken on June 8 at the 50th anniversary celebration of EUROPUR in Brussels, Belgium.

SiVance, LLC introduces Chemspec Europe visitors to its unique custom manufacturing capabilities for silicone-based reactive & fine chemicals

SiVance, LLC introduces Chemspec Europe visitors to its unique custom manufacturing capabilities for silicone-based reactive & fine chemicals.
(Photo © 2016 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR142)Ghent, Belgium – SiVance, LLC, a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, invites Chemspec Europe visitors to Booth G101 to discover its highly-flexible custom manufacturing capabilities, offering rapid and confidential support to customers requiring reactive silicone-based intermediates and fine chemicals.

Milliken sets food industry on path to more functional, appealing and sustainable Polypropylene packaging at Alimentaria 2016

Food trays based on NX™ UltraClear PP are considerably lighter than PET trays and fully recyclable.Ghent, Belgium – Milliken is aspiring to put NX™ UltraClear PP for food and beverage packaging firmly on the radar of food processors and retailers at Alimentaria 2016. At Booth 858 in Hall 1/ Corridor H, Milliken will demonstrate the creative potential of the material for combining desired functionality and appealing aesthetics in more sustainable plastics packaging. Milliken will also present latest UV protection solutions for clear PP injection molded packaging.

Milliken features all-round improvements for lighter vehicle parts at VDI Plastics in Automotive Engineering 2016

The lightweight and aesthetic benefits of Hyperform® HPR803i reinforcing agent can be demonstrated with an example of innovative exterior door-trim for a Cross-Over vehicle.
(Photo © 2016 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR141)Ghent, Belgium – Milliken focuses on improving all-round mechanical performance and aesthetics of lightweight polypropylene (PP) and polyurethane (PU) parts to meet the high requirements of the automotive industry at the forthcoming 2016 VDI Plastics in Automotive Engineering Conference in Mannheim, Germany.

Milliguard® AOX-1 one of two Milliken award winners in 2015 R&D 100 Awards

Milliken’s Dominick Valenti, global R&D director, Performance Colorants and Ingredients, and Mark Ragsdale, senior scientist, received the prestigious R&D 100 Awards on behalf of Milliken & Company. (Photo © 2016 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR140)Ghent, Belgium – Milliken & Company was honored with two R&D 100 Awards for 2015, given by R&D Magazine. Recognized as the “Oscars of Innovation,” this marks Milliken’s fourth consecutive year receiving this distinction and second consecutive year with two technologies awarded.

Milliken presents pioneering reactive additives for PU at PUTECH 2015

Reactint® colorants in PU foam.
(Photo © 2015 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR136)Ghent, Belgium – Leading supplier of polymer bound colorants and additives for the Polyurethane Industry, Milliken, invites PUTECH 2015 visitors to discover its unique fully reactive polymeric additive technologies focused on enhancing performance, improving visual appearance and preserving the long-term quality of polyurethane (PU) systems – all without contributing to VOC or FOG levels.

Milliken to show inspiring potential of UltraClear PP for thermoformed food packaging at FachPack 2015

Milliken showcases UltraClear PP thermoforming solutions at FachPack 2015.
(Photos © 2015 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR134)Ghent, Belgium - Leading polyolefins additives supplier, Milliken, is all set to impress Europe’s packaging industry at FachPack 2015 with the exciting ability of UltraClear PP to create thermoformed food packaging that is eye-catching, high-performance and resource- and cost-efficient. Celebrating 150 years of enhancing people’s lives, Milliken will showcase applications demonstrating the full potential of UltraClear PP alongside UV protection solutions for polyolefins and PET bottles (Booth 642 Hall 9).

Milliken’s Milliguard® AOX-1 Antioxidant Helps Auto Industry Meet Increasingly Stringent Vehicle Indoor Air Quality Standards

Milliken’s Milliguard® AOX-1 Antioxidant for Polyurethane Vehicle Interiors. (Photo © 2015 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR131)Ghent, Belgium – Milliken & Company’s Milliguard® AOX-1 novel polymer-bound antioxidant for polyurethane (PU) addresses more-stringent environmental, health and safety requirements while delivering outstanding thermal stabilization performance at low loadings. It offers a unique solution for compliance with tougher vehicle indoor air quality standards - such as China’s new passenger car air quality assessment guidelines and similar emerging standards in other regions - by contributing negligible volatile organic compound (VOC) and outgassing condensation (FOG) content in emissions testing. Milliguard AOX-1 antioxidant also offers unparalleled efficiency in stabilizing free radicals that can degrade polyurethane (PU) foam, and is highly synergistic with other antioxidant classes. This Milliken technology provides polyol producers and foam manufacturers with a powerful tool for interior vehicle components such as seats, door trim, carpet, instrument panels, headliners and consoles.

Milliken presents all-round value of Ultra Clear PP packaging at RosUpack 2015

Ultra Clear PP clarified with Millad® NX™ 8000 offers exceptional aesthetics, productivity gains and energy-saving benefits in injection molding.
(Photo © 2015 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR129)
Ghent, Belgium - Leading polyolefins additives supplier, Milliken, is set to catch the eye of converters and brand owners at RosUpack 2015 with the inspiring aesthetic appeal, excellent application performance and outstanding productivity improvements of Ultra Clear PP at its booth in Hall 4.