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About Milliken

Milliken is an innovation company that has been exploring, discovering, and creating ways to enhance people’s lives since 1865. Our community of innovators has developed one of the larger collections of United States patents held by a private U.S. company. With expertise across a breadth of disciplines including specialty chemical, floor covering, and performance materials, we work around the world every day to add true value to people’s lives, improve health and safety, and make this world more sustainable. For more information, visit www.milliken.com.

About Milliken & Company’s Chemical Division

Milliken & Company’s Chemical division has grown to become a leading global supplier of coatings, specialty chemicals and advanced additive and colorant technologies since its conception in 1957. The division that was founded to supply proprietary processing chemicals within Milliken’s operations has since expanded into many diverse industries and markets, ranging from plastics to children’s art products. Milliken’s Chemical division has application and development centers around the world and is committed to customer support. For more information about Milliken’s Chemical division, please visit www.millikenchemical.com.

Ham 18-24
B-9000 GENT
Tel : +32 9 265 1136
Fax : +32 9 265 1195
Email : Veerle.Dewolf@milliken.com
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Milliken features all-round improvements for lighter PP vehicle parts with Hyperform® Reinforcing Agents at VDI Plastics in Automotive Engineering 2015
Ghent, Belgium - Milliken will go beyond simply addressing the lightweight trend in vehicle manufacturing with solutions designed also to improve all-round mechanical performance and the aesthetics of polypropylene (PP) parts at the 2015 VDI Plastics in Automotive Engineering Conference in Mannheim, Germany.

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Milliken presents pioneering reactive additives for PU at UTECH 2015
Ghent, Belgium - Leading supplier of polymer bound colorants and additives for the Polyurethane Industry, Milliken, invites UTECH 2015 visitors to discover its unique fully reactive polymeric additive technologies focused on enhancing performance, improving visual appearance and preserving the long-term quality of polyurethane (PU) systems - all without contributing to VOC or FOG levels.

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Milliken to Feature New Benefits and Applications for its Advanced Additive Technologies at NPE 2015
Ghent, Belgium – Milliken & Company’s technical expertise and performance-enhancing additive solutions for polyolefins will be among the highlights at next year’s Annual Technical Conference (ANTEC) and National Plastics Exhibition (NPE) 2015 in Orlando, Fla., March 23-27. Herrin Hood, global product line manager at Milliken, will share the company’s cutting-edge, technological developments in polypropylene (PP) through his presentation, titled “Nucleation of Polypropylene: A New and Practical Approach to the Measurement of Stiffness (Modulus) Performance.” On NPE’s exhibit floor at booth #S12001, Milliken will showcase new benefits of its advanced additive technologies that respond to four key industry demands: clarity and aesthetics, productivity improvements, sustainability and property optimization.

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Editorial Enquiries
Veerle de Wolf
Tel : +32 9 265 1136
Fax : +32 9 265 1195
Email : Veerle.Dewolf@milliken.com
Josina van der Velden
Tel : +31 164 317 014
Fax : +31 164 317 039
Email : jvandervelden@emg-pr.com

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