SABIC Innovative Plastics’ Non-brominated, Non-chlorinated Flame Retardant PC Film Helps E/E OEMs Power Up for High-End Eco Protection

BERGEN OP ZOOM, The Netherlands – April 14, 2010 – SABIC Innovative Plastics today launched a new, breakthrough Lexan* polycarbonate (PC) film technology – Lexan EFR film – that delivers non-brominated, non-chlorinated flame retardance (FR) at thinner gauges than flame-retardant polypropylene (FRPP). This new industry-leading material, announced here today at the Highly-functional Film Technology Expo in booth F10-43, enables electrical/electronics (E/E) OEMs to create flatter, lighter-weight notebook computers and other electronic devices while significantly reducing material costs, giving them a competitive advantage. The new Lexan EFR film is a top-choice environmental solution that increases the ability of global E/E manufacturers to go beyond current environmental directives by voluntarily eliminating halogenated additives in their products. This new SABIC Innovative Plastics breakthrough is the latest example of how the company works on behalf of customers to capitalize on its 75-year history as a global plastics industry pioneer.

“New Lexan EFR film is another major proof point of how SABIC Innovative Plastics’ continued investment in R&D is raising the bar on materials performance and system cost reduction,” said Lennard Markestein, global marketing director for Specialty Film & Sheet, SABIC Innovative Plastics. “As E/E OEMs step up to meet anticipated and ever-tightening environmental requirements, we are taking the initiative in engineering precisely targeted materials technologies to help proactively address these changes. What’s more, new Lexan EFR film makes it clear that SABIC Innovative Plastics is very serious about furthering its leadership position by delivering superior environmentally progressive solutions that allow our customers to distance their competition.”

Environmental Protection – and Much More

Lexan EFR polycarbonate-based film offers flame retardance without the use of brominated or chlorinated additives thus meeting the requirements of the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE 2006) directives. Further, these new materials have a full listing in the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) yellow card system. According to UL 94, Lexan EFR film – available in clear and opaque versions – delivers V-0 performance above 380 microns; VTM-0 flame resistance performance down to 125 microns for translucent and 100 microns for opaque materials; and complies with TCO-99 eco label requirements.

Compared to FRPP, Lexan EFR film reduces shrinkage by a factor of three, provides significantly higher puncture resistance and tensile strength. These properties make it feasible to use very thin gauges of Lexan EFR film to replace thicker FRPP film without sacrificing performance. Not only do thinner gauges help designers create slimmer and lighter-weight consumer electronics, but down-gauging also lowers total costs by reducing the amount of material required. The new film also provides low moisture absorption, high thermal performance (glass transition temperature of 170ºC) and excellent dielectric strength.

Target applications for this material include insulation for printed circuits, printed circuit board, disk drive, keyboard, inverters and adaptors, die-cut spacers, labels and overlays.

Electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) shielding is another important benefit provided by Lexan EFR film. As U.S. and European regulatory agencies continue to tighten restrictions on EMI/RFI emissions, electronic device manufacturers are looking for new shielding solutions to replace metal boxes, conductive paints, plating, metal chassis and conductive polymers that add weight and cost. Lexan EFR film provides a low-cost, lightweight solution for both primary and secondary (problem area) shielding, while maintaining UL recognition.

Lexan EFR film can be easily fabricated using thermoforming, embossing, clean-edge die cutting, scoring and bending. The product is available globally in matte/polish and velvet/matte finishes and various gauges between 100 and 762 microns.

A Diverse Portfolio to Meet Customer Needs

SABIC Innovative Plastics offers many other high-performance materials to meet the evolving requirements of the E/E industry. Noryl* EFR PPO film, the company’s first non-halogenated flame retardant film offering, available in an opaque black color, delivers UL 94 listing of V-0 at 0.250mm-0.55mm (0.010”-0.022”) thicknesses. It also provides outstanding properties including high puncture resistance, high tensile strength and fold resistance. It may be used in shielding and insulation barriers, printed circuits, die-cut spacers and insulators, overlays and battery packs and adaptors for computers, laptops, mobile phones, portable devices, DVD players, printers, appliances, and audio/video equipments.

Another important E/E material from SABIC Innovative Plastics is Ultem* polyetherimide (PEI) film, offering excellent dielectric, high-temperature and chemical resistant properties. Both Noryl and Ultem films carry the Blue Angel, EcoMark (Japan), Nordic Swan and TCO-99 labels, successfully passed stringent Verband der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e.V (VDE) flammability testing for compliance with the IEC 950 (UL1950) standard for electronic equipment.

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