Omron Corporation is a leading industrial automation company that leverages its core sensing & control technologies to expand into businesses, such as control components, electronic components, automotive electronic components, social infrastructure, healthcare, and the environment. Omron was established in 1933, and has around 36,000 global employees, offering products and services in over 110 nations and regions. In the industrial automation business, Omron is contributing to making an affluent society by offering automation technologies which drive innovation in manufacturing as well as products and customer support. For more detail,

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Omron to Introduce New i4 SCARA Product Family

Omron to introduce New i4 SCARA product family. (Photo: Omron, PR050)Omron Corporation (Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan. President and CEO: Yoshihito Yamada), a global leader in automation technology, announced today at Automatica, the leading exhibition for smart automation and robotics, that it will be introducing a new line of SCARA robots, boasting sleek design and enhanced performance. Named the “i4,” the new generation of SCARA robot will save space during installation, and allow easier configuration into existing production lines. The i4 is fast, repeatable, easy to operate and flexible for multiple configurations and applications.

Omron Corp. and Taiwan’s collaborative robot company Techman Robot Inc. form strategic alliance on collaborative robots

Omron Corp. and Taiwan’s collaborative robot company Techman Robot Inc. form strategic alliance on collaborative robots. 
(Photos: Omron, PR048)Omron Corp. (HQ: Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto. President and CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) and Techman Robot Inc. (HQ: Taoyuan, Taiwan), the world’s leading company for collaborative arm robots that work together with people, announced that the two corporations have signed an agreement to form a strategic alliance in the area of collaborative robots. Through this alliance, Omron will globally market and sell Techman’s TM series of collaborative robots via Omron’s worldwide distribution network under a co-branded logo, starting in the second half of FY2018. Furthermore, Omron and Techman will cooperate in developing the next generation of collaborative robots that will be easier to integrate with Omron’s other factory automation products in order to realize an innovative manufacturing environment where humans and machines work in harmony.

Omron to Collaborate with Cisco in Manufacturing Innovations

Omron to Collaborate with Cisco in Manufacturing Innovations. 
(Photo: Omron, PR051)
Omron Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto; President and CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) and Cisco Systems G.K. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and General Manager: Miyuki Suzuki) have agreed to collaborate by integrating Cisco’s leading networking and security technology into Omron programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which are designed to deliver reliability under extreme conditions at manufacturing plants. Through this collaboration, the two companies will enhance the security of today’s increasingly intelligent manufacturing sites with IoT while helping manufacturers achieve safe and secure manufacturing.

The joint journey to flexible production

The joint journey to flexible production. 
(Photo: Omron, PR046)Flexible production to address current and future needs of consumers receives much attention from the manufacturing industry that has embraced Industrie 4.0. The days of rigid production environments are numbered and fast change-overs are a prerequisite to make sure customization does not affect OEE severely. Omron has been a pioneer in successful solutions to realize flexible production in industries like automotive, pharma, and food & commodities. At Automatica 2018 Omron will announce new hard- and software that will further optimize its industry leading portfolio for flexible manufacturing.

Next generation of in-panel temperature controllers

NX-TC2 (12mm width) and NX-TC3 (24mm width). (Photo: Omron, PR042)Following the launch of the E5_D series in April 2017, Omron continues to expand its Temperature controller portfolio with the introduction of the new NX-TC series with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Designed for multi-loop applications, these intelligent controllers provide easier in-panel installation.

LD robots steal the show at Global Industrie Connected Factory

LD robots steal the show at Global Industrie Connected Factory.
(Photos: Omron, PR039)Demonstrating solutions from over 70 equipment suppliers including Omron, the connected factory demonstration at the Global Industrie exhibition will be one of the highlights of the event. Attendees will be able to watch as their individual medals are manufactured and packaged, with Omron’s LD robots playing a key role in moving the medals between the different stages of the production process.

Enabling flexible manufacturing by bringing innovation in automation

Enabling flexible manufacturing by bringing innovation in automation. 
(Photo: Omron, PR038)Omron will be at Hannover Messe from 23 to 27 April, supporting the event’s theme of Connect & Collaborate by demonstrating its capability to innovate the future of manufacturing. Visitors to the Omron stand (Hall 9, F24) will be able to experience Omron technology supporting flexible robotic cells, data acquisition, data intelligence and AI realizing agile mass customization cells that shifts manufacturing from ‘build to sell’ to ‘made for me’.

Omron demonstrates how smart data boosts process efficiency at CFIA

Omron demonstrates how smart data boosts process efficiency at CFIA. 
(Photo: Omron, PR041)Omron will be at the CFIA event in Rennes, from 13-15 March, demonstrating how it can create smart production facilities that help solve the challenges faced by today’s food and beverage industry. Omron’s complete robotics and automation system delivers greater flexibility to deal with increasing SKU numbers, together with better data collection and reporting. The system on show at the Omron stand (Hall 2 Booth A4-B3) combines different applications and uses ‘smart’ data to deliver tailored production efficiency to meet actual demand.

Die Intelligenz in die Maschine bringen

Die Intelligenz in die Maschine bringen. 
(Fotos: Omron, PR037)Bei den Fachpressetagen 2018 in Karlsruhe, wo Jahr für Jahr Automatisierungsexperten zusammenkommen, um die neuesten Entwicklungen vorzustellen, zeigte OMRON, wie man Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) so in der vernetzten Fertigung einsetzen kann, dass ohne großen Investitionsaufwand konkreter Mehrwert erzielt wird.

Omron to Introduce Four Series of Condition Monitoring Devices

Motor Condition Monitoring Devices. 
(Photo: Omron, PR036)Omron Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto. President and CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) introduced on November 29, 2017 and will introduce on February 1, 2018, four series of condition monitoring devices to monitor operational status in manufacturing sites for workers; Motor Condition Monitoring Devices that predict a failure of 3-phase induction motors, Power Supplies with Network that can predict the service life and failures of a power supply installed in a control panel, Flow Sensors and Pressure Sensors that monitor hydraulic oil and cooling water used for press machines and molding machines, and Smart Condition Monitoring Amplifier that accelerate IoT of existing analog sensors installed in facilities or machines.

Omron and Teknologisk Institut organize two product recall seminars

Omron and Teknologisk Institut organize two product recall seminars. (Photo: Omron, PR035)Omron and Teknologisk Institut have organized two seminars in Denmark on product recalls. The seminars will be held on 11 January 2018 in Aarhus and 16 January 2018 in Taastrup. The seminars will cover the potential impact of a product recall and give some practical tips and advice on how to minimize the chances of a product recall occurring as well as best practices for limiting the impact of a product recall.

Grand opening day for Omron Nordic Automation Center

Grand opening day for Omron Nordic Automation Center. 
(Photo: Omron, PR034)The Nordic Automation Center enables Omron to support its role as leader in technology and automation. Focusing on the company’s core competence of ‘Machine Automation’, the new center will help development of new technologies, products, and solutions. It provides a community hub for Omron and customers to share knowledge, and test and demonstrate the latest robotics innovations.